5 tricks to optimize your texts on the Web

How annoying is it to see your page layout get messy when switching computers, tablets or cell phones! What a shame to lose readers when your content is really worth it… However, there are a couple of tricks you can use to ensure the consistency and elegance of your texts on the Web.

Rule number 1: The layout

Start by paying close attention to your page layout: no putting spaces to center or move your text. Instead, use align on the left or right to obtain a clean effect and avoid line breaks in the middle of a sentence. By playing with the document’s rules, the layout becomes cleverer and exports itself more easily from a device to another.

Rule number 2: Non-breaking spaces

Did you know that in English, there’s no space between a word and its punctuation mark, while there’s always a space in front of a ! ? ; and : in French, including words in quotation marks? But careful, those are not ordinary spaces! These are known as non-breaking spaces. This means that we cannot separate the word from its punctuation mark. Say goodbye to the colons ending up at the start of a line or those lonely exclamation marks!

Rule number 3: Avoid stop words

In French, we call those the mots vides. These words are part of our daily routine: so versatile, this vocabulary reduces the strength of your dialogue. So, verbs like to have, to be, to want… don’t have any impact on the reader and don’t allow your text to appear in the browsers search results. It is primordial to eliminate this vocabulary and replace it with finer and more specific terms.

Rule number 4: One idea, one sentence

Goodbye long and unreadable sentences! If your reader needs to read your sentence more than once to identify the subject and resulting actions, your text is a failure. Need more precision or parentheses? Think about another sentence. You need to be able to accompany all readers, even those in a hurry.

Rule number 5: Strong idea, simple structure

Ventilate your text. Opt for bullet points, titles or highlighted bold words. Your keywords must be obvious. New readers arriving on your website from the search results are interested by one key idea. Help them find it easily: a reader will only spend few seconds on a website if he doesn’t find immediately the information he’s searching for.

These simple tricks will give magnitude to your texts. However, don’t forget that a professional’s talent and expertise are irreplaceable. The art of obtaining a perfect and impactful layout doesn’t resume itself to 5 simple tricks!

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