2 years and counting

Affiché 1 mai 2019 par Florence dans Il était une fois

article SarahOnce upon a time … we were looking for the best candidate to fill a position of coordinator for the most important client at the agency. We met with some good, qualified and promising young candidates. Our choice was unanimous!

That’s when Sarah Brideau joined the team. One of our best picks ever. Today, we celebrate her two years of service with us! Her charismatic personality brings us sunshine every day!

Sarah has since become a project manager, and she keeps taking on new responsibilities. She now handles some of our more prominent clients, but most of all she looks after an important brand: the agency itself. She handles the visibility of the agency.

Both her drive for business development and her positive attitude that rubs on her colleagues make her a great team player and a pleasure to have at the agency.

Sarah, we wish you continued success in your career!

Joanne Rinaldi | Directrice des ressources humaines